Brand Identity

50Brands is a PR and brand strategy agency based in Berlin, founded by Magda Machajska in 2017. The agency fosters the development of up-and-coming fashion labels, increasing their visibility and appeal on the international circuit. Supporting future fashion stars in the areas of public relations, celebrity & influencer marketing, brand strategy, art direction and production, 50Brands enables the sustainable growth of their clients’ labels and prepares their businesses for success in the global fashion economy.

Taking inspiration from the numeric aspect of the agency’s name, we decided to strengthen the messaging behind ’50 brands’. We felt that the name was in a way daring, and that 50 was a significant number – this inspired us to interpret the name in a way that makes it look even more powerful than it already sounded. We also thought that the number 50 consists of all these numbers between 1 and 49 – and this collection of numbers makes it similar to the Lotto game and its lottery tickets, which might be perceived as some sort of a magical, encrypted code. In a logo that might take many various forms, we are deciphering the 50Brands code: the flexible, ever-changing and customizable approach that the agency takes to each one of the clients they represent.

Inter (RSMS)
Commune Nuit Debout (by Sébastien Marchal)


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