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Anielocannes Zakon

Angelocannes Convent Cosmic Design (Anielocannes Zakon)

The original copywriting for this campaign was purposefully created with linguistic errors, producing a transformed language which gives the notion of cosmic communication. By omitting verb conjugation and changing the language itself we created an unusual concept.

The most unearthly design in Poland Light Golden Lion for Young Creatives have, bring, must. If you want the good to return to Angelocannes Convent designers and illustrators it is possible in Poland. Open for He and He and He the door to the KTR award!

A campaign targeted at the advertising industry, for those who have seen it all, have it all, are the best at everything, are bored with perfection and cannot be surprised or moved by anything new.

An announcement of yet another edition of the polish Young Creatives Cannes Lions eliminations (hence, something that everyone in the industry is very familiar with). An unbelievable, cosmic design, which simply cannot go unnoticed. So bad that it’s brilliant. So bright that monitors collapse and need to be re-calibrated. Illustrations so camp that the best polish designers and creative directors used them as their Facebook profile pictures. Everything is so vivid, embedded and convention-breaking that attempting to find fault in it would only bring ridicule upon the critic. Posters so out of this world that they had to be printed on both sides in case one side would be assessed as inappropriate for public presentation.

It was loud, bright, colourful and esoteric. Friendly love in Poland appeared. The Industry was talking, commenting, was over the moon. Language Angelocannes started speaking they. Briefs in Angelocannes wanted they. Pseudo-creators of negativity by Angelocannes defeated were. Let us love the Angelocannes Convent. The path to happiness leads through it!

Illustrations: Mateusz Kubiak


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