Art Stations Foundation

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Art Stations Foundation

Art Stations 50 50 with its offer is a connection between human space and the space for world-class fine art. It is a project inscribed in the 50 50 concept and it is subordinate to the 50 50 graphic form. The basic element of the sign is a symbol representing the space of the brand, expressed by the fusion of two colors. Art Stations 50 50 connects art with the person. The color purple embodies art and the color gray expressing the idea of the human ego. A line and a single point complete the sign with the idea of Art Stations 50 50.

These elements, referring in their character to Harry Beck’s public transport system design, represent the physical level of art. The first level is the line (one or more, depending on the needs). The second level are the points applied to it. The lines allude directly toe subway systems in metropolises, but are enriched by the human element consequent of the history of human development (untethered lines characterise the wound up roads of evolution, and on the other hand the free will of humans, the need to create one’s own paths). The points in this case symbolize the consequence of the chosen path in a physical and mental sense (meditation, inspiration, consciousness).


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