Art&Fashion Festival by Grażyna Kulczyk

Brand Identity, Print

Art&Fashion Festival by Grażyna Kulczyk

A visual identification for one of the most important fashion events in Poland,. This year’s theme was the industrial side of fashion and art, presented as a value. We created a subdued, industrial identification, which announced the festival in the media and on advertising carriers. We invited Magda Antoniuk – one of the world’s most known fashion illustrators – to create the illustrations for the campaign.

Illustations: Magda Antoniuk
Photos: Jakub Wittchen / Grzegorz Hospod

“(…) We introduce the industrial dimension of fashion as a value. As an image of the reality we live in in the second decade of the XXI century, much exceeding what we perceived as industry as associated with the XVIII century industrial revolution which also embraced the creative sectors of daily life. As a sign of the survival of the fittest, where the demand generated by the consumers, verifies in a godly manner whether what appears on the market has a chance to find its way into their hands. We understand industry as a particular organism, a system of connected organs, a self-regulating system where each element by rivalry activates and is reliant on the next.”

Basia Metelska | Festival Curator


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