Instytut Badań Outdooru

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Instytut Badań Outdooru

IBO (Instytut Badań Outdooru) is a new institution which supports the advertising industry, founded by the largest media houses and important players on the outdoor advertising market. IBO studies the relation between the viewer and the carrier, the relation between carriers and space, as well as viewers in a potential advertising space. Communication habits, traffic intensity and other factors are what media houses, advertising agencies and customers are interested in.

We were asked to create an identification for the Institute. IBO is not an ordinary brand with a range of products or services. It’s rather a tool, a work method and a scientific approach to the analysis of outdoor advertising. We view it as an institution which aims to make order the Polish advertising domain, which due to chaos and lack of systematization lacks in efficiency. With our project we wanted to emphasize these values.

The sign is based on a circle, which suggests that we are looking at the outdoor issues from a larger perspective and analyse them in a complex manner. Different sized points which are situated on the circle symbolise cities, junctions, places where the carriers are exposed, the carriers themselves and last but not least – their ever-moving viewers. The lines illustrate the relationship between the carriers and viewers, sizes, distances and all measurable data which is collected and analysed by IBO. Forms juxtaposed in this manner emphasize IBO’s scientific character and shift the advertising world into a more scientific domain. Outdoor advertising is only seemingly motionless. The points correspond with each other and the sign itself raises an association with atoms and star constellations which are in constant movement in the same way as viewers of outdoor advertising are – whether in trams, cars or on foot. These forms create a value – the composition of the best research results, connected into an effective network of outdoor carriers.

We used navy blue as our basic colour. It highlights IBO’s authority and suggests an association with the institution’s scientific activity. Turquoise and a strong yellow contrast with each other and emphasize different levels of outdoor communication. These colours help to transfer the sign into system solutions, which illustrate and epitomize the results of IBO’s research. To complete this sign we chose a sans-serif font – Good Pro, which accents IBO’s character as a strong, modern institution, supported by reliable research. This style and colour scheme signal that an advertisement is not only intuitive solutions and empirical methods of communication, but also a wide spectrum of information about the market and consumers.


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