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Mustache Warsaw

Mustache is a brand which has a strong personality and is highly recognisable on the Polish fashion market (e-commerce). There came a moment when the brand’s identity surpassed the previously established assumptions. Their customer’s expectations grew, and the results of their work started to surpass their expectations. Goals which were previously distant were now at an arm’s reach. This was the moment where they could prove their stability on the Polish fashion market, establish their position and show that nobody knows young Polish fashion better than they do. Mustache is no longer a boy’s ‘tache, it’s a grown man’s business with a rebellious spark, which is best expressed with one word – creativity.

It was creativity which led us to a mutual conclusion as to where the brand is going. We understood that the communication required more than just a lifting of the previous logo. Mustache is not only an e-commerce platform, but a series of other initiatives such as the Mustache Yardsale event, Mustache DIY, Mustapaper and others which will be developed under the brand’s wing.

By suggesting a change in logotype we also suggested a whole new visual identity for Mustache with which we wanted to upscale the brand’s value, change it’s language and set in order its communication. We changed the popular and slightly overused mustache into an iconic symbol. Now it resembles a bracket (after all Mustache holds over a dozen other projects) or a coathanger. The sign puts things into parenthesis, it adds, it dresses.

Hundreds of possible uses for this identification system helped us create a new, clear and interesting language, and most importantly, a language used by the founders of the brand – Konrad and Patryk. We allude to a classic style and operate with an aesthetic which is timeless. The logo which is as close to the street as hip hop and as classy as Monocle Magazine at the same time. It alludes to classic 80’s design, in the spirit of Karol Śliwka or Stefan Kanchev. It carries a mix of experiences, a streetwise savvy with a sense of belonging to a selected group. A creative group which demands but also gives.

This fusion between a classic cut of the letters with a discreet but strong symbol gives the brand a new meaning. Now it is about more than just cool clothes and lifestyle – and this is what this legible symbol is about. Mustache is a brand which grows with its customers, it’s a brand that’s now all grown up and will feel comfortable at a relaxed backyard barbecue and at a banquet after an exhibition opening at a modern art gallery.


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