National Audiovisual Institute Wayfinding

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National Audiovisual Institute Wayfinding

After completing NInA’s rebranding we were asked to complete it with signs in the new headquarters as well as to design a wayfinding system. The basic assumption was to lead the users of four different groups around the building – the employees, residents, external employees and the public. The 4 floors of the building were given a different level of availability and all rooms were designated a color code and numeration. The graphic elements were elaborated on the basis of the new NInA logotype. All carriers, pictograms and messages were created with a dynamic information system based on the circle. Dynamic, which means that it can change its layout according to needs. Information about various zones was split into different circles. Thanks to this the user, beginning with the map towards further carriers is led by an easy-to-remember colour code system. We used a designated colour division and parted the iconographic information from the text.

The project involved the interior of the building, technical floors, the courtyard and the surroundings of the building.


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