Brand Identity, Illustration

Presentation is a basic tool for introducing various processes, phenomenons, facts and information. The “10 lat emocji” (“10 years of emotions”) Gala for the anniversary of PISF (Polish Film Institute), lead by Krzysztof Materna, required a special setting. We were asked to create a presentation, which will show the Institute’s accomplishments in a simple, approachable, attractive manner.

The only limit for our imagination was their short brandbook. With a glance at a few slides and the logotype itself, we were quickly inspired. After deconstructing and simplifying it, we were able to create a set of signs and symbols, which enabled us to illustrate and give each slide an individual appeal. By taking fragments of the sign and giving them a dynamic form we achieved the intended effect and gave the presented facts and events the necessary emotions.

This procedure let us create a graphical language with which we could emphasize the diversity of the Institute’s accomplishments over the past 10 years. Furthermore, a unique set of numeric symbols were designed in accordance to the same idea. Thanks to these numbers, the statistical data illustrating the institute’s accomplishments were uniquely highlighted and gave the PISF gala an attractive visual form.


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