Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych nr 1 w Warszawie


Zespół Państwowych Szkół Muzycznych nr 1 w Warszawie

In 2020, the State Music School Complex nr. 1 (ZPSM) changed its headquarters and we received the task of creating its visual information system. The basis of the design process was finding forms that fit into the space and connecting two buildings of extremely different architectural form.

When designing the wayfinding system, we had to take into consideration two sides of the premise, the educational one (for students and educators) and the public one (concerts) available to guests, the audience and artists. All with the emphasis on fulfilling the needs of the youngest group of users by designing user-friendly and visually attractive signage systems.

We decided to find something in the history of the institution that would become an element linking a school with traditions and the new space. Inspired by historical concert bills hanging in the old headquarters, we saw the perfect form for designing a distinct signage system. Additionally, it is an interesting element connecting the school with a new public function, that will enrich the establishment, which is the concert hall. In the past, events in venues like that were promoted with such advertising bills.

Modernity is in the center of our attention, so we interpreted the classic concert bills in terms of the wayfinding system. Our goal was to use colors and powerful poster typography in reference to the school’s logo.

The signage system is complemented by a set of hand-drawn icons. With the students in mind, we wanted to warm up the overall message. This gave us the opportunity of introducing some humor and more emotions, e.g. smiles on faces.

We used posters and placed them in wooden frames. Inspired by the concert bills, we decided to arrange them in various configurations of different intensity and size.

Creative Direction / Art Direction / Design: Robert Mendel, Jacek Walesiak
Design / Icon design: Zuzanna Charkiewicz
Project manager: Tomasz Wróblewski
Production manager: Michał Majewski

ZPSM nr 1:
Director of ZPSM Nr 1: Iwona Waga-Parafiniak
Deputy director of ZPSM No. 1: Anna Misior
Coordinator of the artistic projects of ZPSM No. 1: Gabriela Woźniacka

Architectural studio: Konior Studio


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