We recreate brands

A brand has significant influence on the consumer’s behavior. The logo, packaging and identity systems are tools which help to keep visual chaos under control. Advertising materials, brand packaging, prints, clothes and advertising campaigns make the brand more recognizable and build its position on the market. Managing a company’s image in a rational and balanced way is the key to sales success.

This is what we do – we create companies’ visual strategies. We create and implement branding. We give long-term support in marketing for companies and organisations, caring for the quality and compatibility of the message with the brand’s identity. We combine art with business. We search for unique solutions, breaking the market’s stereotypes.

A well elaborated visual brand strategy:

– emphasizes and confirms the quality of the product
– convinces of the product’s high value
– reinforces the positive opinion about the product
– enhances the customers’ loyalty
– gives the customer a feeling of satisfaction and belonging to a group with similar values
– improves the image within the company, motivates

Robert Mendel

Partner | Creative Director

Creative Director and co-founder of the UVMW design studio. Designer, photographer and painter, co-founder of the UV21 Gallery, he lives and works in Warsaw, Poland. Studied at the Poznań University of the Arts, Miami Ad School and Collegium Civitas. Jury member of the Polish KTR advertising competition. Repeatedly awarded in KTR and Złote Orły competitions.


Jacek Walesiak

Partner | Creative Director

Creative Director and co-founder of the UVMW design studio, specialized in creating fresh and unusual solutions in the field of branding and visual communication. Studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He creates graphic design, photography, projects in urban space. Jury member of the Polish KTR advertising competition. Repeatedly awarded in the most important Polish advertising competition – KTR.

2019 – European Design Award, Gold, Design (Artystyczna Podróż Hestii)
2019 – KTR Gold, Design (Kamil Pivot – Tato Hemingway)
2019 – KTR Silver, Design (Artystyczna Podróż Hestii)
2019 – PGD Award, honourable mentioned (Somfy Polska)
2019 – PGD Award, main award (Artystyczna Podróż Hestii)
2018 – PGD Award, main award (Radio Kampus)
2018 – PGD Awards, honourable mentioned (Radio ZET)
2018 – KTR Bronze, Design (Pjus)
2018 – KTR Bronze, Packaging (Pjus)
2018 – KTR Bronze, Design (Radio ZET)
2018 – KTR Silver, Design (Radio Kampus)
2018 – Branding Monitor / Rebranding roku (Radio Kampus)
2018 – Branding Monitor / Rebranding roku (Radio ZET)
2017 – KTR Gold, Illustration (The Calendar of unusal Holidays)
2017 – KTR Bronze, Design (Lato by Stary Browar)
2017 – KTR Bronze, Design (See & Say)
2016 – Dobry wzór (Budmech)
2016 – KTR Silver, Design (See & Say)
2015 – KTR Bronze, Design (Food Project by Stary Browar)
2015 – KTR nomination, Illustration (Food Project by Stary Browar)
2015 – KTR nomination, Illustration (Lato w Starym Browarze)
2014 – KTR nomination, Design (Art&Fashion Festival by Stary Browar)
2013 – KTR Silver, Advertising Campaign (Anielocannes) + tenpawlak & co.
2013 – KTR Bronze, Design (Hotel Amnesia) with tenpawlak & co.
2013 – KTR nomination, Design (tenpawlak CI)
2013 – KTR nomination, Active Advertising (Hotel Amnesia) + tenpawlak & co.
2013 – KTR nomination, Photography (Bardzo nam się podoba)
2012 – KTR Bronze, Design (Young Creatives 2012)
2012 – KTR nomination, Design (Fundacja Sztuki Polskiej ING)
2012 – KTR nomination, Illustration (Young Creatives 2012 Campaign)
2011 – KTR Gold, Design (Polish Advertising Festival)
2011 – KTR Silver, Design (Sinfonia Varsovia Centre)
2011 – KTR nomination, Design (logotyp Young Creatives)
2010 – KTR Silver, Design (Stary Browar)
2010 – KTR Silver, Design (Blow up Hall)
2010 – KTR nomination, Photography (Blow up Hall)

UV21 is a gallery, a space for dialogue on a visual level, a place where art meets business and design. Ever since UVMW was founded there was a need for something more, a place for the exchange of thought about visuals which excite, inspire and which are used by us every day in our work and in pursuit of new ideas. We search for art which is surprising in idea and in form. We strive to show beauty which is a means of telling stories which can intrigue, disturb or simply please.

UVED is an internal publishing project established for executing projects by people linked to the UVMW studio and UV21 Gallery. The publishing activity is focused on limited edition posters and small editions of publications in the form of zines and books.

Briefs / Questions / Press:
+48 507 218 113


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