Blow Up Hall

Brand Identity, Print

Blow Up Hall

A complex brand identity & communication system for one of the most luxurious hotels in Poland. Blow Up Hall 5050 is an interactive work of art. Next to the 5-star Hotel with 22 luxurious rooms, one will find a bar and a restaurant. It combines technology with luxury in the form of a peronal personal artistic experimentation. The name of the hotel was inspired by the British-Italian cult art film Blow up, directed by Michelangelo Antonioni.

It is also the name of a digital project for which Blow Up Hall was designed – Blow Up Commission by Rafael Lozano – Hemmer, an artist, whose works were formerly displayed at the Venice Biennale and at The Tate Modern Gallery in London. In the BUH sign the digital spaces symbolizes the pixel, the basic building block for digital images. The symbol is filled with pixels, symbolizing the brand’s space, as well as the language that it uses.

Blow Up Hall, created and founded by Grażyna Kulczyk, is a part of an umbrella brand called Idea 50 50. The Idea 50 50 constitute the philosophical foundation of all Grażyna Kulczyk’s ventures. Art is the core element of any enterprise, supplemented by individual features. The proportion are always 50% art and 50% complementary elements. Inside Blow Up Hall, art is supplemented by pleasure.


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