Brand Identity, Print, Web

Budmech is a distributing company, a supplier of water installation construction elements. After years of functioning on the market they needed to refresh and adapt the visual image to the current era, its current needs and ongoing changes.

We were asked to create a signage system which would illustrate a few of the most important product groups. Starting from the shape of the old sign we created a new logotype which was complemented by the new lettering, setting the brand in a new light. The dynamic of the sign accentuates an energetic business in constant motion. The delicate arched forms point to and industry involved with piping installations.

After having created a few, color-differed signs we designed a website designated to the client’s need to position the brand not only as a distributor, but also bringing attention to the brand’s aspiration in consulting and designing water installations. A coherent language of the brand helps communicate in an approachable manner the values of the company and gives the possibility to widen the interest of the brand with new products related to the construction industry.


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