Centrum Archiwistyki Społecznej

Brand Identity

Centrum Archiwistyki Społecznej

Centrum Archiwistyki Społecznej (Center of Community Archives)

The new logo of the Center of Community Archives (CAS) speaks metaphorically about the institution’s philosophy and about its goals. The main element of the new identification / branding is an ambiguous symbol, from which an information system was born. The symbol is, first and foremost, part of a speech bubble (storytelling), when attached to wording it represents all sorts of collections of spoken and written word. It also represents a pin (researching, connecting and completing history). It’s also a spark, an ignition to effective doing and a light, which CAS helps shed on unknown social history. The CAS information system is in its essence open and dynamic – just as the CAS team and their work.

What is social archivistics? The history of many towns, villages and districts would not be told if it were not for the activity of hundreds of communities that make up the social archival movement. They collect photos, documents and memories in order to make them widely available. They knock on private homes to inquire about valuable archives, browse through old school chronicles, and record memories of residents. Thanks to this, they reach the authentic history seen from many perspectives.

Creative Direction & Design: UVMW
Animation: Piotr Jan Wójcicki

Centrum Archiwistyki Społecznej:
Katarzyna Ziętal – director
Joanna Łuba – deputy director
Martyna Sypniewska – head of the Communication and Promotion Department
Jagoda Kwiatkowska – promotion specialist
Agata Bujnowska – specialist in cultural projects


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