Design Dialogue: Poland Brazil

Brand Identity, Print, Illustration

Design Dialogue: Poland Brazil

​The “Design Dialogue: Poland – Brazil”​ exhibition​ was held at the Museum of Modern art in Rio de Janeiro (architect Affonso Eduardo Reidy) in June 2016 ​and in November at the Honestino Guimaraes National Museum in Brasil (architect Oscar Niemeyer). ​It presented Polish and Brasilian historical posters, arranged with contemporary graphic design and iconic design objects from both countries. ​Posters by authors of the Polish Poster School and pieces made especially for the exhibition by contemporary graphic artists were amongst the exhibited pieces​. The visual identity for the event was a mosaic of abstract forms sourcing from national flags. The kaleidoscopic character of the graphics reflected the surprising juxtapositions of plots and artistic relations. The project accentuated that the exhibition is an opening more than a summary of various topics related to the dialogues of the Polish and Brasilian culture.

photo: João Américo Fotografia / Aleksandra Pavoni


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