Food Project by Stary Browar

Brand Identity, Print, Illustration, Campaign

Food Project by Stary Browar

Preparing the identification for Stary Browar’s marketing campaign required for us to give it a wider look and consider various leading aspects.

When exploring the gastronomic offer of Stary Browar it is necessary to notice its exceptional variety. Most of the spaces are independent projects; cafe’s and restaurants with their own chefs. It was necessary for the campaign to have a strong visual aspect as it had to be shown on all advertising carriers in the Stary Browar complex. The visual part of the campaign had to be attractive yet not overbearing, simply of good taste. As this was meant to be a long-term project, it required an open identification system with the possibility of adding new elements. Our challenge was to create something that wouldn’t be cliché and would complement the existing visual system we created for Stary Browar, at the same time showing a fresh approach to the subject. It had to trigger positive associations, be friendly, warm and familiar. It was noticeable that restaurant chains as well as independent restaurants saw a fall in sales, and this was something that required change. Besides the visual aspect, the identification had to be useful and effective.

We created a visual identification, illustrations and our own typography for the event. The project also involved preparing illustrated logotypes for the gastronomic brands present in Stary Browar, a “food map” and advertising materials. We wanted to separate ourselves from typical graphic solutions associated with sales events.

Instead of doing an identification based on photography (a solution popular with Stary Browar’s competitors), we went a step further and created a system with unique and appetizing illustrations made by Jacek Ambrożewski – a young, talented illustrator. The pieces used the cubic shape of Stary Browar’s logotype and attract viewers with its unique aesthetic.

Besides unusual graphic design solutions, we also created a food map of Stary Browar. It was crucial for us to enable customers to find a chosen restaurant easily and quickly. That’s why the map organizes the restaurants by different criteria, for example by time of the day or type of cuisine. The map we created was successful. The open graphical form of the map allows for further completing the map with new promotions or restaurants. Furthermore, the map is reprinted every week. Every edition disappears at a fast pace and Stary Browar’s customers take them home with them, treating them as an object which is “cool” to have, same goes for our posters. The tenants, typically skeptical about the used illustrations in place of typical photographs and logotypes have come to trust us and in the end are happy with the results. Thanks to our project, there was a substantial increase in sales in the gastronomic area of Stary Browar.


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