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The funeral market in Poland is one that effectively resists change. Trends in particular industries are rarely revolutionized – if they change it’s by a slow evolutionary process which channels social change. While analyzing the funeral industry it was evident for us that its communication stayed behind in regard to other businesses which emerged in Poland in the early 1990s, as if oblivious to what was shifting culturally and socially in the country. The industry was not even influenced by the church which continues to modernize its form of communication (ie. through modern architecture, communicating with the younger generation). The funeral industry veils itself with what they believe to be traditional demands and remains oblivious to what is emerging culturally, currently as well as in the past. Koperski is one of the oldest funeral business on the Polish market. For years it has defined quality and the direction of change in the Polish funeral industry. They provide the highest quality of services and customer service. Koperski is currently still a family-run business and dates back to 1937.

The Koperski family asked us to create an 80th anniversary logo. As a result of the designing process we also created a logo, the brand identity system, along with graphic and printed materials such as obituary notices.

The logotype is inspired by decorative initials, marginal decorations as well as illuminations of old manuscripts. We translated this inspiration to serve a modern function. We didn’t solely reference its decorative function, our goal was to emphasize the traditional character and the brand’s high standard of services, and create a new page in history for a company that has existed for the past 80 years. The signet is a monogram – the first letter of the founder’s surname – Władysław KOPERSKI. It is the pillar of the entire identity system which gives it its unique character – a juxtaposition of the traditional and the contemporary.

The anniversary logo was created to celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary. Built based on the monogram it also includes the name of the company, and a slogan – “80 years of tradition”. It is used everywhere where it is worth emphasizing the company’s brand history.


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