Lody Syrenka – packaging

Brand Identity, Print, Illustration

Lody Syrenka – packaging

Lody Syrenka is a small ice cream manufacturer from Warsaw, Poland that makes ice cream from scratch, using only plant-based ingredients. Creating a visual identity system was our first task. When the brand decided to expand its concept, our project needed to be complemented with packaging design. We used elements of the brand identity system to create the graphic layout of the packages. Prior to designing them we did a detailed study of the brand’s main competitors (in the traditional ice cream sector as well as the vegan ice cream sector). Our greatest challenge was creating packages that would be easily adaptable to the dynamically evolving range of flavors. Many of them are seasonal and Lody Syrenka also plans to collaborate with other brands. Our goal was to make the brand identifiable even from a distance. Assembling its graphic elements provides the customer with a friendly visual experience without the standard infantile content that is typical for this sector of products. The brand colors are enhanced by two functional colors matching each flavor allowing the customer to identify the flavor easily while shopping.

Originally we created a graphic system for the Lody Syrenka brand. It can be viewed here.


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