National Audiovisual Institute

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National Audiovisual Institute

NInA, or Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny (The National Audiovisual Institute) moved into their new facilities. The new building in Warsaw’s district Służew Nad Dolinką gives the public a possibility to actively use the archives and libraries of the Institute. The Institute was planned as an open multimedia space. Along with the change of headquarters and its re-opening came a need to make order in the visual part of the institution. The project was founded in cooperation with ThinkDo Studio and DIZKO Design Management, which were responisible for establishing NInA’s communication strategy and implementing the design audit. We were asked to make the branding consistent with the branding of various projects connected with NInA’s activity. Seemingly distant websites such as Dwutygodnik or Ninateka had to be subtly fused under the umbrella brand whilst keeping their independence. The goal was not to rebrand or to change the basic logotype of the Institute.

After a stage  of analyses and consultations with a large gropup of NInA’s managers brought us to a conclusion that the NInA sign had to be changed, to keep it working as the overriding logotype of the whole Institute. After further discussing the future needs of NInA we decided to change the sign to a circle with an embedded triangle, symbolizing the “play” button and at the same time being a “call to action” assigned not only like a tag to the logotypes of various projects, but also to the whole new identification based on a modular net assuming the use of circles and triangles a building blocks of all possible graphic messages to tell about NInA’s activity.

The entire project is based on the the Sanuk Pro font, however in selected cases we used an additional font. We found it was necessary to add strength to the message. It can be used to write a piece in the Ninateka archive, an author’s surname, project name, quote or a slogan.


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