See & Say

Brand Identity, Illustration, Campaign

See & Say

See&Say is a free porfolio consultation event organised by Marketing Communication Association SKM SAR. Experts meet for 15 minute rounds with young creatives while chosen specialists review portfolios and issue feedback. After the 15 minutes are up the participants move on to the next specialist. Each participant has a chance to speak to an expert they chose, the best participants have a possibility to promote their work in the creative industry.

Our idea was to communicate the event while using the potential of the specialists’ image. They are the ones that guarantee providing reliable knowledge for the participants.

We based the communication on animated GIF files, posted on Facebook as the deadline approached. We designed a graphic mask for each of the specialists. After it dissolved one saw information about the competition along with the name of the juror. After the introduction of our campaign the number of applicants rose by 100% in relation to the previous year’s event.


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